Thursday, 27 January 2011


It has been a shamefully long time since I have posted anything. Dreadfully sorry.
(Not that anyone is even reading this. Except for the average of 12 drive-through readers I get every time I post something new.)

My laptop, which is both the bane and the focal point of my life, decided to go on strike a week or so ago. There was something wrong with the bit where the charger goes in. A man fixed it. That's all I know.

Back to business.

I was recently reminded, by one of those late night nonsensical twitter conversations that we are all familiar with, of a survey that was published last year. This survey was essentially about the nation's favourite smell.
Apparently, the winner was toast.

Now, one of two things may have happened here.
Either (one) we are so boring as a nation that we couldn't be bothered to think about our answer, or (two) somebody made this up.

If someone asked me about my favourite smell I am almost certain that I wouldn't go straight to toast.
Here follows a list of what my actual favourite smells are. And they're in order.

5. OPI Nail Varnish
I don't sniff it on purpose. And I imagine that if I did it would be unpleasant. But the smell that lingers after I have painted my nails is infinitely comforting.
4. Vera Wang, Princess
A Perfume. Made to be smelled and enjoyed. This one is particularly obnoxious and maybe a little bit tacky, but I like it.
3. Books
New books, old books - I don't mind. If you've ever been to university, you will have woken up with either your face IN a book or a book ON your face, and therefore you should be familiar with this particular smell. Textbooks, incidentally, have a lovely smell all of their own.
2. Britney Spears, Circus
Favourite perfume in the world. I smell of this most of the time. I would wear this even if I didn't like Britney Spears, but, as luck would have it, she is my world.
1. MAC Lipstick
Best and most satisfying smell in the world. This smell is why people are addicted to MAC.

Take that, anonymous survey people.
Normal people do not immediately think "Toast!" when confronted with a question about smells.
Or perhaps they do. I might be the odd one out.