Monday, 22 August 2011

That Thing In Libya

There’s a bit of a revolution going on in Libya at the moment. You may or may not know about it.

I know about it though, because I watched Sky News for a solid six hours last night.

I wasn’t going to mention it at all. I try not to talk about anything too serious on here. The only reason I am doing so now is because APPARENTLY I have to.

Who says that? I hear you cry.

Twitter does.


Last night, when Sky News was being quite exciting, it quickly became obvious that I would not be allowed to make a single comment about something interesting non-Libya-related without getting a ridiculous reply regarding my ignorance.

According to the snarky-remarkers - who tended to be people too stupid to have a proper sense of perspective - it was indelicate of me to be getting on with my life at a time when the future of a nation was being determined.

Well. SOD OFF.

It’s not that I don’t CARE about the people of Libya. Not at all. I would just rather let them get on with it and congratulate them when it’s all over. I’m sure they understand.

Contrary to the tone of this blog post, I think it's BRILLIANT that everyone on twitter is so into politics. Especially now that the world appears to be falling to pieces. In fact, aside from introducing me to Daniel, I think that increasing political awareness may be twitter’s greatest achievement.

Unfortunately, it has also given a lot of idiots a remarkable dose of self-importance.

You want to talk about Libya. I would rather talk about Britney.

Let’s just try to get along, shall we?