Saturday, 24 September 2011

Everything Will Be Fine

You may not know this (although I sense you’ve got the gist of it) but I am actually quite worried about going back to university. A large and relatively sensible part of my brain knows that everything will be fine. A smaller but significantly louder part is wholly unconvinced.

I could give you the reasons why I am so worried, couldn’t I? I’m not going to though. I’m trying to be positive.

With that in mind, here are the reasons why EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE.

1. I am much more attractive than I was when I first started university.

You might be thinking ‘oh, what a shallow and ridiculous woman’, and I won’t pretend that you’re wrong. You can say whatever you like – looks matter. And you would agree with me if you had been forced to live through your first year at university with Bon Jovi hair.

2. I am less socially awkward than I was the first time around, too.

I have spent the last couple of years cultivating an actual personality. I no longer dress like a goth or seek to impress boys with my brain-damaging coolness. I dress like a person, I’m quite interesting, and I am perfectly comfortable with the affection I feel towards Britney Jean Spears.
Well done me.

3. I am doing a subject that I am good at and that I am actually interested in.

Arguably, this is the most important bit. My psychology degree came about because there were a lot of psychologists on television and I wanted to be called Dr Laura and have a talk show. That was literally it.
As it turned out, I hated the entire thing and spent three years of my life wondering why I hadn’t thought things through properly.
This time, though, I am armed with a plan, some experience, and realistic expectations.

And breathe.

There we go. I feel a bit better now, except for the fact that I go in EXACTLY ONE WEEK.

Obviously, I haven’t even tried to pack anything yet. My mother keeps trying to get me to write a list of things I need to buy, but I can’t even find the energy to do that. As I’m trying to think positively, though, I should mention that I DID manage to order a replacement for my favourite (and quite recently deceased) Back To The Future t-shirt.
So that’s alright. I’ll have to keep hold of this feeling of accomplishment for when I’m crying into a pile of clothes next Friday night, asking myself why I didn’t start packing earlier.


Oh, and SPEAKING OF LEAVING HOME, Silly Old Daniel – user of twitter, writer of blogs, love of my life – is moving to France for a year to teach english to french teenagers and find himself a dishy boyfriend called Laurent or Zacharie or something.

I would like to officially declare that I am not happy about it, because I will miss him if he is too busy for the internet.

Apart from that though, I hope he has a lovely time.