Monday, 27 August 2012

We're Done Here

First of all, I’M SORRY.

I realise that those of you who’ve been forced to witness the incessant live-tweeting of my recent communications with Doughnut are probably tearing your hair out at this point, and the advice that many of you gave – despite being ignored with a certain amount of gusto – is very much appreciated.

Block him, delete him, ignore him, stop replying… blah blah blah.


It all SOUNDS lovely and simple.

But I'm nothing if not stubborn.

Before I lay all the blame at his door, allow me to insert a disclaimer:

I am not without flaws. 

I’m not under the impression that I am the easiest person in the world to deal with, nor am I denying that I have said some atrocious things on more than one occasion.

HOWEVER, I think enough of myself to know that I don’t deserve to deal with name-calling, harassment and online abuse because I made the mistake of getting involved with someone unsuitable for all of five minutes.

I don’t really have the time or patience to detail everything that has gone wrong here. I’ve got nails to paint and reports to write, after all. What I will say, however, is that I have had enough.

Despite unfollowing me a CONSIDERABLE amount of time ago, Doughnut – as recent evidence suggests – still spends a worrying amount of time lurking on my twitter feed. The unfortunate consequence of this is that I receive an unpleasant message or two whenever I write something that may vaguely concern him or that does not sit well with his opinion of what I should be doing.

The point of this blog post, as short and poorly written as it is, is merely to publicly draw a line underneath this whole horrid business with a vow to never mention him again.

I don’t want to second guess everything I say on twitter. I don’t want to have to justify who I spend my time with, and where I might spend that time with them. I especially don’t want to feel sick every time I get a facebook message, just in case I’m in trouble again.


Naturally, he thinks I’m in the wrong here. That I’m out to ruin his life or make him miserable. Or that it’s me who’s having trouble letting go.

I can’t do anything about that.

I’m done defending myself against someone who will not be reasoned with.

As far as I’m concerned, if his ego needs the world to think that he is the poor long-suffering victim, then FINE.


EDIT (20/03/2014): I was just running around fixing some formatting and it hit me that people reading this for the first time or maybe out of order may get a little confused. So, SPOILER ALERT, Doughnut and I made up. Everybody is still as ill-equipped as they were, just in a much more cohesive and enjoyable fashion. With that in mind, I'm not going to delete anything because the bad bits helped get to the good bits.