My name, in Ferb Latin, from the criminally underrated television programme Phineas & Ferb. That's literally it.

What happened to the 'Laura Does' branding?
You've been here a WHILE. Well done, you. The Laura Does gimmick was conceived when I wanted this stupid blog to be a Thing. I don't now. But also I don't want to lose everything I've done. So I've moved everything over to the new url and gone a little bit more low-key with promo and tagging and stuff. All of my other usernames will follow have followed suit.

You don't blog as much as you used to. Why?
My life got weird and one of the people I wrote about actually stuck around. It's a lot more difficult to maintain a blog about your personal life with the risk of upsetting people you care about hanging over your head.

EDIT: While that little situation has now ended, it's still raw. Also, if I say ANYTHING vaguely specific, I risk texts and emails that I absolutely don't want or need. Other than that though, being happy and filling my time with nice things is a distraction from blogging that nobody minds.

You don't tweet as much as you used to. Why?
Same as above, I suppose. I used to use twitter as a way to vent and when there's a possibility that that's going to cause problems it's easier to just keep it to myself. Also I think there's a lot of truth to the saying 'happy people don't tweet'. New friends and the nice things that come along with that mean that social media gets left behind a bit.

Are you still in touch with any of the people you've written about?
NOPE. As cold as it sounds, I completely cut ties with every single one of them. There was the blip with Idiot, but that was for my benefit more than his. We definitely won't be speaking ever again.

Do they know you've written about them?
I think they do. Possibly not the one-offs like Dorm or that one from Liverpool, but the big ones were and are aware.

Do they mind?
Yes. Some more than others. Although only one of them feels that he's been misrepresented, which says a lot about my journalistic integrity. Oh, and I did once get a series of interesting emails from the current girlfriend of one of them. She minded very much. And all of Scotland. Yes. All of Scotland is apparently upset that I was thoughtless enough to break up with one of their people. Fucking nonsense.

Do you know what they're doing now?
I have a vague idea. I don't actively check anymore though. I'm sure they're all fine.

Are you In A Relationship?

Will you ever start using real names?
I'm building up to that. Now that I'm all incognito, I think my numbers will dwindle enough that I'll be able to get away with it.

Do you have twitter/facebook/somewhere I can message you?

I notice that you've soft-blocked me on a social networking site. What did I do?
You either upset or offended me. I bet I'm over it now. Add me again and see.

That worked well, didn't it? Any more questions can be sent to me via email or on tumblr.